Thomas F. Kelaher, the new president of the County Prosecutors Association of New Jersey, said that it is time to start rethinking the use of the death penalty in the state. Although Kelaher is a supporter of the death penalty, he noted: “If the death penalty hasn’t been used in 20 years, society should ask if it should be continued. It was supposed to act as a deterrent. If it hasn’t been used in 20 years, you really can’t say it’s a deterrent.” Kelaher expressed concern about the recent number of high-profile cases in which defendants have been sentenced to death around the country only to be freed after DNA tests proved their innocence. He was also troubled by the high costs of capital punishment. (Asbury Park Press, Sept. 11, 2004). See New Voices; see also DPIC’s report On the Front Line: Law Enforcement Views on the Death Penalty.