Montana Assistant Attorney General John Connor has voiced support for a legislative measure that would abolish capital punishment in his state. Stating his belief that the death penalty does not deter crime and is expensive, Connor told the Montana House Judiciary Committee, “It seems to me to be the ultimate incongruity to say we respect life so much that we’re going to dedicate all our money, all our resources, our legal expertise and our entire system to try and take your life… . Frankly, I just don’t think I can do it anymore.” Senator Dan Harrington, who sponsored this year’s repeal measure, added that it is wrong to teach children “that to prevent violence we beget violence.” He also noted that the death penalty is costly and unfair.

The death penalty repeal measure passed the Montana Senate in February. It is pending in the House. Montana has two people on death row.
(Associated Press, March 10, 2007). See Recent Legislative Activity, Deterrence, and Costs. UPDATE: The repeal bill was defeated in the Montana House Judiciary Committee by a vote of 9-8.