In her first press conference since taking office on February 18, Oregon Governor Kate Brown said she will continue the moratorium on executions that former Governor John Kitzhaber imposed in 2011. “There needs to be a broader discussion about fixing the system,” Brown said. “Until that discussion, I will be upholding the moratorium imposed by Gov. Kitzhaber.” When the former governor announced the moratorium, he also called for a statewide discussion about capital punishment, saying, “I am calling on the legislature to bring potential reforms before the 2013 legislative session and encourage all Oregonians to engage in the long overdue debate that this important issue deserves. I am convinced we can find a better solution that keeps society safe, supports the victims of crime and their families and reflects Oregon values.” Oregon has carried out only two executions since 1976, and none since 1997. There are currently 36 people on Oregon’s death row.

(J. Cooper, “New Oregon Governor Will Continue Death Penalty Moratorium,” Associated Press, February 20, 2015.) See New Voices and Recent Legislation.