Radio Host Bob Edwards Explores the Troy Davis Case

On September 9, The Bob Edwards Show on Sirius XM Radio interviewed Stephen Bright and Nina Morrison regarding the case of Troy Anthony Davis. Edwards is the award-winning former host of National Public Radio’s “Morning Edition.” The show offered this introduction: “Last month, the U.S. Supreme Court did something it hadn’t done in 50 years – it ordered a stay of execution and court hearing for an inmate to attempt to prove his innocence. Since 1991, Troy Davis has been on death row in Georgia, convicted of shooting an off-duty cop. Even though seven of the nine eyewitnesses who testified against him have come forward to say they either were mistaken or deliberately lied, no court has let them testify with this information. Nina Morrison of the Innocence Project joins Stephen Bright of the Southern Center for Human Rights to talk about the case and what it portends for other wrongful convictions throughout the country.”

(The Bob Edwards Show, Sept. 9, 2009, Sirius XM Radio). The program will be available (for a small fee) for downloading and listening through Audible. See Innocence and Multimedia.