RESOURCES: Free Online Educational Curricula for High School and College Students

As many schools are now beginning their new terms, the Death Penalty Information Center is proud to remind you of our two educational curricula on the death penalty. Our award-winning high school program, Educational Curriculum on the Death Penalty, includes 10-day lesson plans, interactive maps and exercises, and a presentation of pros and cons on the death penalty for discussion and debate. Our college-level curriculum, Capital Punishment in Context, contains detailed case studies of individuals who were sentenced to death in the United States. The curriculum provides a complete narrative of each case, including original resources such as homicide reports, affidavits, and transcripts of testimony from witnesses. The narratives are followed by a discussion of the issues raised by each case, enabling students to research further into a broad variety of topics. Both curricula are widely used by educators across the country in the fields of sociology, civics, criminal justice and many other areas.

(DPIC, Sept. 10, 2010). See Educational Curricula and Student Resources.