A new international manual covering psychiatric and psychological issues arising in capital cases has been prepared by a team of forensic psychiatrists for use by attorneys, judges, and mental health officials. The Handbook of Forensic Psychiatric Practice in Capital Cases sets out model structures for psychiatric assessment and report writing for every stage of a death penalty case, from pre-trial to execution. It also discusses ethical issues, particularly with regard to an inmate’s competence to be executed. The handbook is published by The Death Penalty Project (DPP) and Forensic Psychiatry Chambers, both based in England. It is available online or in print from DPP.

(N. Eastman, et al., “Handbook of Forensic Psychiatric Practice in Capital Cases,” The Death Penalty Project & Forensic Psychiatry Chambers (2013); posted by DPIC April 1, 2013). See Books and Mental Illness.