STUDIES: Ohio Releases Annual Capital Crimes Report

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office recently released its annual Capital Crimes Report, analyzing the state’s death penalty cases and death row population. In 2009, there was only one death sentence handed down in Ohio, mirroring a nationwide trend of declining death sentences. This was the fewest death sentences in a year since Ohio reinstated the death penalty. The report indicated that over half of the current death row population of 160 inmates are African-American (51%), while Caucasians make up roughly 44%. The average age of the death row inmates in Ohio is 45, and they have spent an average of 14 years on death row. In recent history, the majority of removals from death row have been for reasons other than execution. While there have been 33 executions (now 36) since 1981, 52 inmates received life sentences after appeal and remand, another 11 had their sentences commuted to life by the governor, and 7 were sentenced to life after a mental retardation determination. Another 20 inmates died of natural causes while they were on death row. View the full report here.

(“2009 Capital Crimes Annual Report,” Ohio Atty. Gen. Office (Richard Cordray), published April 1, 2010; posted April 15, 2010). See also Death Row and Sentencing. Click here to view Studies and Additional Resources on the death penalty.