Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen has issued a temporary reprieve for death row inmate Philip Workman, who was scheduled for execution on September 24th. Noting that there is an ongoing federal criminal investigation that may shed light on Workman’s case, Bredesen stated, “So long as there are outstanding issues that may be related to this case, the only proper thing to do is to wait until those questions have been answered. I am a supporter of the death penalty, but committed that it be carried out in a judicious manner.” The reprieve was made at the request of Attorney General Paul Summers and postpones Workman’s execution until after January 15th, 2004. (Press Release from the Governor’s Communications Office, September 15, 2003) Five jurors from Workman’s original trial signed affidavits stating they would not have supported a death sentence in light of evidence that his trial was tainted by false eyewitness testimony and inadequate counsel. See DPIC’s Press Release.