Texas Faith Leaders Appeal to Governor for Clemency in Pending Execution

On February 16, over 90 prominent religious leaders from Texas called on the Board of Pardons and Paroles and Governor Rick Perry to grant clemency to Timothy Adams (pictured). Adams is an army veteran with no criminal history prior to the day he killed his son while planning his own suicide in 2002. Leaders from nine denominations announced their support for clemency, saying “We join the victim’s family in asking that you spare Mr. Adams from death. You have an extraordinary opportunity to show mercy to a family that has already suffered greatly and to uphold the sacredness of human life.” From the beginning, Adams accepted responsibility for what his crime, and pleaded guilty in court. During his eight years on death row, he has been a model prisoner. Earlier this month, Adams’s family (and hence the family of the victim) petitioned the board to spare his life. Three jurors have also come forward in support of clemency, stating that information regarding Adams’s upbringing, deep devotion to religion, and mental state – which was not presented during the trial – would have led them to sentence Adams to life in prison instead of the death penalty. UPDATE: The Board of Pardons and Paroles declined to recommend clemency for Adams. See full text of letter below.

(Letter to Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles and Governor Rick Perry, February 16, 2011). See New Voices and Clemency.