A new Amnesty International report examines the case of Abu-Ali Abdur’Rahman, a Tennessee death row inmate scheduled for execution on June 18. His case involves questions of inadequate defense and prosecutorial misconduct. The report notes that after learning of exculpatory and mitigating evidence that was kept from the jury at Abdur’Rahman’s trial, eight of the original trial jurors said that they no longer have confidence in their sentencing verdict. In addition, a Tennessee Supreme Court judge has pointed out that “none of the judges who have reviewed this case has seriously disputed that Abdur’Rahman’s trial counsel was woefully incompetent and demonstrably ineffective.” Amnesty’s report was released as the organization urged Governor Phil Bredesen to grant executive clemency to Abdur’Rahman.

Read Amnesty International’s Report and Press Release. See also DPIC’s page and video link on this case.