DPIC Podcasts

DPIC is pleased to provide podcasts that discuss a wide variety of issues relating to the death penalty.

Our podcasts cover three different types of death penalty issues.

  • DPIC's current monthly podcast series is called "Discussions With DPIC." We speak with death penalty experts about timely death penalty developments in the news.
  • The "On the Issues" podcast series explores different factual, legal, and ethical topics relating to capital punishment.
  • A second series of podcasts details the history of capital punishment in each state.

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Discussions With DPIC

Arkansas’ plan to execute seven prisoners over an 11-day period

Published: Apr 13, 2017

DPIC staff mem­bers Robert Dunham, Robin Konrad, and Anne Holsinger explain Arkansas’ plan to exe­cute sev­en pris­on­ers over an 11-day peri­od begin­ning April 17. They dis­cuss the state’s rea­sons for the con­densed exe­cu­tion sched­ule, cur­rent litigatio…

Discussions With DPIC

Innocence and Prosecutorial Misconduct

Innocence and Prosecutorial Misconduct

with Exoneree Isaiah McCoy and Lawyers Michael Wiseman and Herbert Mondros

Published: Feb 16, 2017

Robin Konrad, Director of Research and Special Projects, inter­views Isaiah McCoy, the nation’s 157th death-row exoneree, and his lawyers, Michael Wiseman and Herbert Mondros. McCoy was wrong­ly con­vict­ed and sen­tenced to death in Delaware in 2012. …

Discussions With DPIC

2016 Year End Report

2016 Year End Report

Another Record Decline in Death Penalty Use

Published: Dec 22, 2016

DPIC Executive Director Robert Dunham and Director of Research and Special Projects Robin Konrad dis­cuss the find­ings and themes of the 2016 DPIC Year End Report. This year marked his­toric lows in death sen­tences, exe­cu­tions, and pub­lic sup­port fo…

Discussions With DPIC

Intellectual Disability and the Death Penalty, With Law Professor John Blume

The U.S. Supreme Court Prepares to Hear Oral Argument in Moore v. Texas

Published: Nov 28, 2016

As the U.S. Supreme Court pre­pares to hear oral argu­ment in Moore v. Texas and con­sid­er the con­sti­tu­tion­al­i­ty of the state’s approach to decid­ing whether a defen­dant is intel­lec­tu­al­ly dis­abled, Cornell Law School Professor John Blume joins us to s…

Discussions With DPIC

Law professor and author John Bessler

Discussing Justice Stephen Breyer’s historic dissent in Glossip v. Gross

Published: Oct 21, 2016

Law pro­fes­sor and author John Bessler joins DPIC exec­u­tive direc­tor Robert Dunham to dis­cuss Against the Death Penalty,” a book ver­sion of Justice Stephen Breyer’s his­toric dis­sent in *Glossip v. Gross* in which he ques­tions the constitutionality…

Discussions With DPIC

Jeffrey Wood and the Texas Law of Parties

Jeffrey Wood and the Texas Law of Parties

with Expert Guest Kate Black

Published: Sep 14, 2016

Today, DPIC launch­es a new pod­cast series, Discussions With DPIC,” which will fea­ture month­ly, unscript­ed con­ver­sa­tions with death penal­ty experts on a wide vari­ety of top­ics. The inau­gur­al episode fea­tures a con­ver­sa­tion between Texas Defender S…

Death Penalty in the U.S.


Published: May 04, 2016

This pod­cast dis­cuss­es the his­to­ry of the death penal­ty in Arkansas, how it is car­ried out in the state, and exec­u­tive and leg­isla­tive efforts to repeal or rein­tro­duce cap­i­tal pun­ish­ment. Arkansas’ use of the death penal­ty has mir­rored the politic…