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Last updated on January 26, 2015
(Dates are subject to change due to stays and appeals.)

Executions Scheduled for 2015

Executions Carried Out in 2015
Executions Carried Out in 2014

Stays of Execution

Executions Scheduled Beyond Current Year

Executions Scheduled for 2015

Month State Inmate
7 OH Warren Henness - STAYED*
8 PA Christopher Roney - STAYED
13 PA Mark Edwards - STAYED
14 TX Rodney Reed - STAYED (NEW DATE SET)
15 PA Dennis Reed - STAYED
15 TX Richard Vasquez  STAYED (NEW DATE SET)
27 GA Warren Hill
28 MO Marcellus Williams - STAYED
28 TX Garcia White
29 OK Richard Glossip
29 TX Robert Ladd
4 TX Donald Newbury
10 TN Stephen West - STAYED
10 TX Lester Bower
11 MO Walter Storey
11 OH William Montgomery - STAYED*
11 OH Ronald R. Phillips - STAYED
19 AL Tommy Arthur - STAYED
19 OK John Grant
26 FL Jerry Correll
4 PA Terrance Williams
5 OK Benjamin Cole
5 PA Kenneth Hairston - STAY LIKELY
5 TX Rodney Reed
10 PA Alfonso Sanchez - STAY LIKELY
11 PA Robert Diamond - STAY LIKELY
11 TX Manuel Vasquez
12 OH Robert Van Hook - STAYED*
12 OH Raymond Tibbetts
12 PA Kevin Mattison - STAY LIKELY
18 TX Randall Mays
19 AL Bill Kuenzel
24 TN Donnie Johnson
9 TX Kent Sprouse
15 TX Manuel Garza
23 TX Richard Vasquez
28 TX Robert Pruett
12 TX Derrick Charles
14 OH Jeffery Wogenstahl - STAYED*
14 OH Gregory Lott
23 TN Charles Wright
15 OH Alva Cambell, Jr. - STAYED*
15 OH Warren K. Henness
18 TN David Miller
17 OH Angelo Fears - STAYED*
17 OH William Montgomery
6 TN Abu-Ali Abdur'Rahman
17 OH Cleveland R. Jackson - STAYED*
17 OH Robert Van Hook
17 TN Nicholas Sutton

Executions Scheduled for 2016

Month State Inmate
21 OH Kareem Jackson
21 OH Jeffery Wogenstahl
15 TN Donald Strouth
23 OH Alva Campbell, Jr.
18 OH Angelo Fears
20 OH Cleveland R. Jackson

Stays of Execution 2015

Date of  Scheduled Execution  State  Inmate Reason for Stay
7 OH Warren Henness Stayed due to all Ohio executions blocked by court order until January 15, 2015 New Date Set
8 PA Christopher Roney Stayed to allow more time for appeals.
13 PA Mark Edwards Stayed to allow more time for appeals.
14 TX Rodney Reed Stayed to allow time for appeals regarding DNA testing. Judge denied a motion to introduce new DNA testing into the case. New date set.
15 PA Dennis Reed Stayed to allow more time for appeals.
15 TX Richard Vasquez Stayed due to a request for a delay from the prosecution.
28 MO Marcellus Williams Stayed to allow the Missouri State Supreme Court to consider a request for DNA testing that might show innocence.
10 TN Stephen West Stayed to allow time for appeals regarding Tennessee's execution methods.
11 OH Ronald Phillips Stayed to allow time for the state to obtain new drugs.
19 AL Tommy Arthur Stayed to allow time for the district court to conduct fact-finding and gather evidence regarding Arthur's claims that Alabama's lethal injection protocol violates his 8th amendment right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment.

*On September 8, 2014, the Ohio State Department of Rehabilitation Corrections revised its execution schedule for all death sentences previously scheduled from March 2014 and beyond. This was done in order to comply with the August 6, 2014 Federal Court ruling that no executions could be carried out until at least January 2015. The court  imposed this moratorium in order to compel a review of Ohio's lethal injection protocol. For more information about the ruling, click here. For the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections press release regarding the revised execution schedule, click here.

"Volunteer" refers to inmates who have voluntarily waived their normal appeals (not necessarily that they have volunteered for execution).

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