Native Americans

Native Americans on Death Row

As of January 2023, 23 individuals identified as Native American were on death rows across the country. The number was down from 26 on January 1, 2017. Eight states and the federal government hold condemned Indian prisoners. As of January 1, 2023, 18 Native Americans have been executed since 1976, accounting for 1% of all executions in the United States. Fourteen Indian prisoners have been executed for killing whites, and three for killing other Native Americans. Native Americans have been victims in 7 cases that have resulted in execution, comprising one-third of one percent of the victims in cases that have resulted in executions. Between 1979-1999, whites killed 32% of the 2,469 Indians murdered, whereas Native Americans killed 1% of the 164,377 whites murdered. 

Native Americans Executed in the United States Since the 1970s

DateNameAgeSexNumber, Race, and Sex of VictimsState/FederalCounty/Federal DistrictMethodJuvenileVolunteer
03/03/1993James Red Dog39Male1 White MaleDelawareNew Castle CountyLethal InjectionNoYes
07/31/1996Emmet Nave55Male1 White FemaleMissouriSt. Charles CountyLethal InjectionNoNo
05/08/1997Scott Carpenter22Male1 White MaleOklahomaMcIntosh CountyLethal InjectionNoYes
07/29/1997Robert West35Male1 White FemaleTexasHarris CountyLethal InjectionNoNo
03/31/1998Daniel Remeta40Male1 White FemaleFloridaMarion CountyElectrocutionNoNo
01/07/1999John Castro37Male1 White FemaleOklahomaKay CountyLethal InjectionNoNo
02/03/1999Darrick Gerlaugh38Male1 White MaleArizonaMaricopa CountyLethal InjectionNoNo
10/28/1999Domingo Cantu31Male1 White FemaleTexasDallas CountyLethal InjectionNoNo
03/15/2000Darrell Rich45Male3 White FemalesCaliforniaYolo CountyLethal InjectionNoNo
06/01/2000James Robedeaux51Male1 White FemaleOklahomaOklahoma CountyLethal InjectionNoNo
01/18/2001Dion Smallwood31Male1 Latino MaleOklahomaOklahoma CountyLethal InjectionNoNo
05/22/2001Terrance James41Male1 White MaleOklahomaMuskogee CountyLethal InjectionNoNo
07/17/2001Jerald Harjo40Male1 Native American FemaleOklahomaSeminole CountyLethal InjectionNoNo
09/12/2003Henry Hunt58Male2 Native American MalesNorth CarolinaRobeson CountyLethal InjectionNoNo
01/17/2006Clarence Allen76Male2 White Males
1 White Female
CaliforniaGlenn CountyLethal InjectionNoNo
10/26/2010Jeffrey Landrigan50Male1 White MaleArizonaMaricopa CountyLethal InjectionNoNo
08/26/2020Lezmond Mitchell38Male2 Native American FemalesFederalDistrict of ArizonaLethal InjectionNoNo
5/11/2022Clarence Dixon66Male1 White FemaleArizonaPinal CountyLethal InjectionNoNo