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A Mother Visits her Son on "Texas Death Row" c- Ken Light

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List of States with the Death Penalty

Size of Death Row Populations since 1968

State by State Information - State by state information concerning many aspects of the death penalty.

Death Row Conditions - State by State comparison of conditions by Sandra Babcock, Clinical Director of the Center for International Human Rights at Northwestern University Law School (last updated 6/08). See recent changes (2015) to conditions on Virginia's death row.

"Death Row Inmates Characteristics, Adjustment, and Confinement: A Critical Review of the Literature," by Mark D. Cunningham and Mark P. Vigen, Behavioral Sciences and Law, 2002. (PDF)

"I miss the stars.  You know, I haven't seen the stars in years and years and years. I miss the rain. I miss food. I miss all these things. But what it comes down to the most -- and this is the thing that will scar me the most and that I'll carry with me as a scar the longest -- the thing I miss the most is being treated like a human being."

-CNN interview with Damien Echols on Arkansas death row since 1993 (Jan. 13, 2011) (released August 2011).

"Death Row USA" from the NAACP Legal Defense Fund - An NAACP publication that lists death row populations by state as well as other statistics.

Death Sentence Information - Information on death sentences by state and year from 1977 on.

Time on Death Row - Examination of the length of time prisoners spend on death row.

Information on Defendants Who Were Executed Since 1976 and Designated as "Volunteers"

 "Killing the Willing: 'Volunteers,' Suicide and Competency," by J. Blume, Michigan Law Review, 2005.

Characteristics of Death Row Inmates

Execution Information - Facts and resources on executions

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Comparison of Death Rows Internationally

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