From DPIC: End of the Year Resources

For our last post in 2010, the Death Penalty Information Center would like thank everyone who has contributed to and supported the Center’s efforts in many ways this year. We thought it would be helpful to highlight some of the resources available on our website that you may have missed. In 2010, we conducted with Lake Research Partners one of the most comprehensive national polls on public opinion about the death penalty. You can find the complete poll results here. In 2010, we also co-hosted, along with Equal Justice USA and Death Penalty Focus, an international forum of law enforcement officers on the death penalty. Videos of this unique panel discussion can be found here. In December, we released our annual Year-End Report on death penalty statistics and trends in 2010. You can find a breakdown of 2010 death sentences by state on our Sentencing page. The process of lethal injection was a significant issue this year—see more on our Lethal Injection page. Our audio podcast series, DPIC on the Issues, addresses various topics related to capital punishment. The latest edition answers questions raised by readers of DPIC’s website. Limited information in other languages is available on our Special from DPIC page. Finally, smart phone users can now access much of our information through our mobile web application, that includes a downloadable logo for the app section of your phone.

Best wishes for the New Year. (DPIC, posted Dec. 30, 2010).