Resources on the Death Penalty for Communities of Faith

The Death Penalty Information Center has recently updated its information packet entitled “Death Penalty Resources for Communities of Faith.” This packet was initially developed to help a wide spectrum of religious groups address the death penalty by providing information, discussion questions, and multi-media resources. These materials offer a framework useful for any discussion of capital punishment and do not directly involve religious or moral instructions. Each packet contains a CD with statements on the death penalty from various religious denominations, death penalty fact sheets in English and Spanish, and answers to questions about the death penalty. It also includes video clips, bulletin inserts, and discussion guides on four key death penalty issues: Innocence, Race, Victims and Costs.

The packet has been praised by such religious leaders as Bill Mefford of the United Methodist Church, Rabbi Leonard Beerman, and Sister Helen Prejean, who said, “The death penalty is one of the most critical issues of our time, and people of all faiths should contribute to the dialogue. The Death Penalty Information Center has rendered a wonderful service by offering religious leaders the key tools they need for raising this issue with their congregations.”

(DPIC-Posted Feb. 2, 2010). For information on obtaining copies of this important resource, please contact [email protected]. See also Religion.