DPIC Podcasts

DPIC is pleased to provide podcasts that discuss a wide variety of issues relating to the death penalty.

Our podcasts cover three different types of death penalty issues.

  • DPIC's current monthly podcast series is called "Discussions With DPIC." We speak with death penalty experts about timely death penalty developments in the news.
  • The "On the Issues" podcast series explores different factual, legal, and ethical topics relating to capital punishment.
  • A second series of podcasts details the history of capital punishment in each state.

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On the Issues

Reader’s Choice, Part II

Published: Jan 14, 2011

Answers read­ers’ ques­tions on crim­i­no­log­i­cal the­o­ries, meth­ods of exe­cu­tion, costs, and the future of the death penalty.…

On the Issues

Reader’s Choice, Part I

Published: Dec 17, 2010

Answers read­ers’ ques­tions on how pros­e­cu­tors decide to seek the death penal­ty, death-qual­i­fied juries, DNA test­ing, and Americans on death row in oth­er countries.…

On the Issues


Published: Aug 18, 2010

Covers the vari­ety of vic­tims’ fam­i­lies’ reac­tions to the death penal­ty, the role of vic­tim’s fam­i­ly mem­bers in sen­tenc­ing deci­sions, and vic­tim impact statements.…

On the Issues


Published: Apr 02, 2010

Covers the impor­tance of high-qual­i­ty rep­re­sen­ta­tion and pro­vides exam­ples of inad­e­quate rep­re­sen­ta­tion in cap­i­tal cas­es includ­ing sta­tis­tics and indi­vid­ual cas­es. Featured music: Every Waking Hour” by Robin Grey and Death of Lovers” by John Hal…

On the Issues


Published: Jan 13, 2010

Covers issues of race in the death penal­ty, such as whether race plays a role in crim­i­nal sen­tenc­ing, analy­sis of race sta­tis­tics in the jus­tice sys­tem and mea­sures intend­ed to pre­vent racial fac­tors in sen­tenc­ing. Featured music: Every Waking Ho…

On the Issues


Published: Aug 31, 2009

Covers issues of inno­cence in the death penal­ty, such as the pos­si­bil­i­ty of inno­cent peo­ple sen­tenced to death, and whether the judi­cial process pre­vents wrong­ful exe­cu­tion. Featured music: Every Waking Hour” by Robin Grey and Death of Lovers” b…

On the Issues


Published: Jul 08, 2009

Covers issues of deter­rence, includ­ing views of police and crim­i­nol­o­gists about the deter­rent effect of exe­cu­tions and sta­tis­ti­cal analy­sis of deter­rence effects. Featured music: Every Waking Hour” by Robin Grey and Death of Lovers” by John Hall…

On the Issues


Published: Jun 22, 2009

Covers issues of cost in the crim­i­nal jus­tice sys­tem, such as explain­ing the cost of a death penal­ty sen­tence ver­sus life with­out parole, and the fac­tors that influ­ence the cost of exe­cu­tion. Featured music: Every Waking Hour” by Robin Grey and “…