A new database of death row prisoners in the U.S. is now available on DPIC’s Web site. The database contains current sortable and searchable information on death row inmates in each state, including their name, race, county, and date of birth. The information in the database is also editable, meaning that individuals with knowledge of death row inmates may change or add new information. This new database may be a useful tool in exploring how the death penalty is applied. Click here to access the database.

This resource has been created by OpposingViews.com, and DPIC is not responsible for its content and cannot guarantee its accuracy. The model for gathering information is a self-correcting one, and this resource is still being refined. Another resource for death row information is Death Row USA, published by the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. See also DPIC’s Death Row page. (Posted Sept. 30, 2009).