DPIC Reports

Below are reports released by the Death Penalty Information Center since its inception, covering subjects such as race, innocence, politicization, costs of the death penalty, and more. When opening a report, please allow the report page to load fully before selecting links to sections or footnotes. Most of these reports are also available in printed form from DPIC. For a copy of one of these reports, e-mail DPIC. For bulk orders, please download our Resource Order Form.

Reports are separated into Year End Reports, In-Depth Reports, and Special Reports. In-Depth Reports are DPIC's signature long, thorough reports on major death-penalty issues. These include "The 2% Death Penalty," examining geographic arbitrariness in capital punishment, and "Behind the Curtain," covering secrecy in the death penalty system. Special Reports are shorter, and typically address a specific event or question. These include DPIC's explanation of the 2017 spate of executions that were scheduled in Arkansas, and our analysis of the largest number of executions performed on a single day.


DPIC Year-End Reports

Dec 15, 1995

The Death Penalty in 1995: Year End Report

Contrary to the pop­u­lar mis­con­cep­tion that death row inmates are grant­ed end­less appeals,” there have been 313 exe­cu­tions since the death penal­ty was rein­stat­ed in 1976.

DPIC In-Depth Reports

Oct 01, 1995

With Justice for Few: The Growing Crisis in Death Penalty Representation

As exe­cu­tions reach record num­bers in the U.S., the sys­tem of rep­re­sen­ta­tion for those fac­ing the death penal­ty is in a state of cri­sis. Too many states encour­age this mal­prac­tice by offer­ing total­ly inad­e­quate pay and resources for death penal­ty defense. Yet Congress is about to dras­ti­cal­ly cur­tail the oppor­tu­ni­ties for death row inmates to…

DPIC In-Depth Reports

Feb 01, 1995

On the Front Line: Law Enforcement Views on the Death Penalty

A new nation­al sur­vey of police chiefs from around the coun­try dis­cred­its the repeat­ed asser­tion that the death penal­ty is an impor­tant law enforce­ment tool. Police chiefs rank the death penal­ty last as a way of reduc­ing vio­lent crime, plac­ing it behind curb­ing drug abuse, more police offi­cers on the streets, low­er­ing the tech­ni­cal bar­ri­ers to…

DPIC In-Depth Reports

Nov 01, 1994

Millions Misspent: What Politicians Don’t Say About the High Costs of the Death Penalty

Yet these same states, and many oth­ers like them, are pour­ing mil­lions of dol­lars into the death penal­ty with no resul­tant reduc­tion in crime. The exor­bi­tant costs of cap­i­tal pun­ish­ment are actu­al­ly mak­ing America less safe because bad­ly need­ed finan­cial and legal resources are being divert­ed from effec­tive crime fight­ing strate­gies. The death…

DPIC In-Depth Reports

May 01, 1994

The Future of the Death Penalty in the U.S.: A Texas-Sized Crisis

The rest of the coun­try should heed the warn­ing of the Texas expe­ri­ence before it embarks on a whole­sale expan­sion of the death penal­ty. The death penal­ty in Texas is in a state of cri­sis. And the costs of the death penal­ty in Texas are in the hun­dreds of mil­lions of dol­lars with no end in sight. During the peri­od when Texas rose to become the…